Bureau of Meteorology Online Advertising Enquiry

Advertising with the Bureau of Meteorology provides a unique opportunity to access one of Australia’s largest online communities - and contribute directly to the improvement of extreme weather and seasonal forecasting services.

Why advertise with the Bureau?

The Bureau of Meteorology is one of the most popular and respected online destinations in the country: the first place millions of Australians visit each morning, and an indispensable, trusted partner through every day of our lives.

As the only Commonwealth Government website authorised to carry advertising, the Bureau offers a unique opportunity for reputable brands to place their products and services in front of an attentive and discerning audience - with strict conditions protecting their privacy and propriety.

Advertising that delivers

The Bureau is regularly one of Australia’s 10 most visited websites, with more than 3.3 billion page views per year, and phenomenally high session durations - averaging at over 11 minutes.

As interest in the climate grows, the agency’s world-class forecasting systems and powerful programmatic tools offer an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers to share their messages with precise audiences - based upon their locations, professional interests, outdoor pastimes, and emerging weather conditions.

With Australia’s most dedicated online following, long session times, and some of its fastest growing web traffic, the Bureau of Meteorology website is a platform that no discerning advertiser can afford to ignore.

If you are interested in advertising on the Bureau's websites, please complete the form on this page in order to receive a copy of our advertising media kit. Once you submit an enquiry, we will send you a link to verify your email, which you must respond to before your request can be completed. Unfortunately this is necessary due to the large amounts of spam we receive.